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New England summers are lively to say the least. When the weather warms and the sun is shining, locals and visitors alike are ready for beach days, backyard barbecues, hiking and camping, and generally enjoying the fresh air. People aren’t alone in their summertime excitement – pests are eager to join in the festivities as well. Sharing our fun in the sun with ants, ticks, mosquitoes, and stinging insects may feel unavoidable, but there are steps you can take to prevent pests from crashing your picnic. Here are some tips for keeping your South Shore home pest-free this summer.

South Shore Summer Pest TipsMosquitoes

Thanks to high temperatures and damp weather, mosquitoes and the diseases they carry are expected to be a prevalent issue this summer. Protect yourself with EPA-approved repellents and wear long sleeves and pants when possible. Avoid being outdoors during peak activity times; usually around dawn and dusk.


Ticks can be active almost year-round in the South Shore area, but mild winters and early, damp springs contribute to increased tick populations. in warmer months. This summer is predicted to be one of the worst tick seasons the region has seen. Check for ticks often while spending time outdoors and learn how to safely remove them; wear light-colored clothing and EPA-approved repellents; and avoid tall grass and brush when possible.


Ants are constantly foraging for food to nourish and expand their colonies. When the plants begin to bloom, ants begin searching for nutrients and water. If they can find food and water inside your home, they will make themselves comfortable. Keep food in sealed containers and minimize water sources to make your home less attractive to ants.

Stinging Insects

Similar to ants, stinging insects are active when flowering plants are blooming. To minimize confrontations with stinging insects, avoid loose clothing and clothing in bright colors or patterns; eliminate attractants like food, drinks, and garbage; look for nests or activity prior to spending time outside; and always call a professional to treat and remove nests.


Our #1 tip for beating the heat of pest activity? Call the experts at Burgess Pest Management. Our team is here to help you Protect Your Pad all year long, starting with a free estimate. Speaking of free, help yourself to a copy of our Summer 2021 Pest Guide for even more useful tips and information about common summertime pests. It's just one more way we help keep your South Shore home clear of unwelcome guests.

Pad Protection, Please!

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