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Three common places to search for mice

As so many homeowners in New England know, winter is the most active time of the year for...

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Three things you can do to keep mice out of your Massachusetts home

Keeping your home pest free all year is a bigger challenge than you might think. In New England,...

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Bringing insects inside your home this season

Earlier this week, we re-posted a news article alerting people about the potential to bring...

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Is your house ready for fall? 3 tips to stop mice from getting inside!

3 tips to stop mice this fall!

There are so many fall traditions that New Englanders have come...

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Why are spiders so active in the fall in Massachusetts?

Why are spiders so active in the fall in Massachusetts?

Arachnophobia is one of the most common...

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Common fall pest invaders in Massachusetts

Fall pests in Massachusetts

It's easy to assume that summer is the only time of year that we...

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Gypsy moth caterpillar damage in Massachusetts

Gypsy moth caterpillar damage in Massachusetts was even worse than initially feared this year....

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Summer mouse activity in Massachusetts

Is August too soon for a mouse problem?

Each season, we can count on certain insects and other...

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Why do ants come inside during the summer?

You're cooking dinner in your kitchen, when all of a sudden you notice an ant walking across...

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Late summer bee season in Massachusetts has arrived

Why are bees in Massachusetts so active late summer?

You're hanging out in your backyard,...

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