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Rainy Day Pests

Think pests in New England take a break when it rains? Think again.

This morning was a tough...

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Mosquitoes and Ticks by the Numbers

Mosquito and tick season is right around the corner—in fact, the ticks haven’t taken a break...

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For the Love of Lamp: Interesting Moth Facts

Moths may be a bit misunderstood.

Between moths and butterflies, butterflies seem to get all the...

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Termite Roles Within the Colony

Termites are always working. How do they manage to function 24/7? It's all about team work.


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The Lone Star Tick: A New Threat in New England

Warmer climates are sending the lone star tick farther north than ever before, encroaching on...

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Rodents & Human Health Hazards

This time of year, close encounters with rodents are common.

While there are methods of ...

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Pest Control is a Labor of Love

Have you hugged your Pest Management Professional lately?

....Okay, you may not want to hug...

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Hide & Seek with Bed Bugs

Hide & seek was a fun game as a kid, but you definitely don't want to play with bed bugs.


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Creepy-Crawlies and Heebie-Jeebies: Common Pest Phobias

It's probably fair to say most people don't enjoy pests, but for some, the discomfort goes way...

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2020 May See Increased EEE Threat

Current conditions indicate an increased threat of mosquito-borne diseases in Massachusetts for...

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