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Summer really does fly, and it's back to school for thousands of students here in Massachusetts. Schools around the state are coming alive with activity, of both the human and pest variety - because where there are people, there's typically plenty of food, water, and shelter, making busy schools a prime target for a number of different pests. These critters don't just stop in the classroom, though: the return to school can mean trouble with pests at home as well. With this in mind, here's a crash course in back-to-school pest control.

Back to school pest control MassachusettsKeep backpacks clean. Remnants of snacks and lunches, as well as general clutter that accumulates in backpacks over time can attract ants, flies, and rodents. Bed bugs can also hitchhike into your home in the small, dark crevices of a backpack. Regularly cleaning out and washing backpacks according to manufacturer instructions helps to avoid problems with pests on the lookout for an after school snack.

Clean lunchboxes, too. Lunchboxes are another school item that can collect grime that attracts pests. Each day, remove uneaten food, dispose of anything past its prime, and wipe down the lunchbox to help keep pests out of your kitchen (and tomorrow's lunch!).

Pest control tips MassachusettsKeep dorms/rentals clean. Remove trash regularly, wipe down contact surfaces and vacuum or sweep floors, keep clutter to a minimum, and store food in sealed containers to avoid problems with ants, roaches, rodents, flies, and other unwanted roommates (of the nonhuman persuasion).

Change bedding regularly. Bed bugs are sneaky critters that have been known to thumb a ride home from school in backpacks and on clothing. Changing bedding on a regular basis gives you an opportunity to look for any signs of bed bugs - especially in a dorm or other community living-style setting. Not sure what to look for? Learn more here.

Bed Bugs MassachusettsAvoid secondhand furniture. When moving into a dorm or other rental, secondhand furniture can be a tempting budget-friendly option, but when introduced to one room, bug-infested furniture can lead to a full-blown infestation throughout, especially in close living quarters like dorms, apartment buildings, or group rentals. Bed bugs in particular move quickly from space to space on clothes, backpacks, and other items students carry around with them.

Any school environment can present challenges with a number of pests, many of which can make their way back home at the end of the day. If you've done all your homework and are still struggling with a pest problem, something just isn't adding up and it's time to call Burgess Pest - Our team of experts are committed to providing A+ service, guaranteed.

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