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Our homes should be our safe haven, a place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day - but when you have pests trying to take over, it can feel like a battleground. This infographic details common ways pests enter your home, and simple DIY methods to keep them out for good.


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How Pests Get Inside [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pests come inside seeking food, water, and shelter - all things they can easily find under your roof. From rodents and ants to spiders and termites, pests of all shapes and sizes find creative ways to access the interior of your home. Common entry points include chimneys and vents, openings along your roofline, gaps around utility lines and pipes, small cracks and crevices around your foundation, openings around doors and windows, loose or torn screens, or hitchhiking inside in packages, groceries, and even houseplants.

To keep pests outside where they belong, follow these simple DIY tips:

  • Add screens or chimney caps to chimney openings
  • Install door sweeps and replace old weather stripping
  • Seal openings along roofline and keep tree branches trimmed back
  • Inspect packages, groceries, and plants for stowaways before bringing them inside
  • Add screens to vents and make sure dampers seal properly
  • Replace or repair torn screens in doors and windows
  • Fill gaps around utility lines and pipes
  • Eliminate food sources - Regularly clean contact surfaces, keep cabinets and pantries clear of food debris, seal food in airtight containers, and take trash out regularly
  • Seal small cracks and crevices around your foundation
  • Reduce standing water and fix plumbing leaks
  • Reduce clutter and keep storage items such as boxes off the floor

If you feel you've tried everything and pests have still managed to invade your space, call the experts at Burgess Pest. We'll take care of the pests so you can put your feet up and enjoy a peaceful home all year long.

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