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It's Getting Cold - Why Do I Still Have Fruit Flies?

You’ve tried everything: Your kitchen looks like a mad science experiment with little cups of...

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Tips for a Bug-Free Barbecue

Many of us are planning our 4th of July activities, and the holiday weekend is expected to come...

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Mouse Prevention You Can DIY in Canton, MA

While a mouse problem is tricky to self-treat, there are preventive measures you can take on your...

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Something to be Thankful for: A Pest-Free Home

Who loves abundant holiday food and comfy accommodations more than we do? Pests, that's who.


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Don't Fall for Pest Tricks This Year: FREE 2020 Fall Pest Guidebook!

It's officially fall in New England, which means crisp air, pumpkin spice, and changing leaves. It...

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Spring Cleaning Extra Mile: Pest Prevention

Dreading the thought of spring cleaning? Think of it as two birds, one stone. Tackle dirt and pest...

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Help Us Help You - DIY Mouse Prevention

Maybe mice have moved in, but it's still your house! Here's how you can back up your pest...

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Which pests are safe for do it yourself pest control in Massachusetts

In pest control, there are generally two categories of clients: residential and commercial. The...

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Does do it yourself pest control in Massachusetts work?

Do it yourself pest control

When the phone rings in our Massachusetts call center, we usually have...

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