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Close encounters with rodents are common in the winter months, and are often a homeowner's worst fear. It can be tempting to try and eliminate a mouse or rat issue on your own, and while many do-it-yourself methods are available, it's best to call the professionals for a number of reasons. For starters, DIY rodent control can be expensive in the long run, but most of all, mice and rats can spread diseases to humans. Here's what you should know about health hazards associated with rodents in Belmont, MA.

Rodents & Human Health HazardsPlague. The phrase "avoid it like the Plague" exists for a reason- and plague is the reason you should avoid handling rodents. While plague bacteria is most often spread by infected fleas, it is also transmitted through direct contact with rodents or their body fluids. Pneumonic plague, the only plague that can be spread person to person, is typically developed after inhaling the bacteria. Plague is treatable with early detection and medical attention, but can be very serious and even deadly.

Hantavirus. Hantavirus is mainly transmitted when rodent waste or nesting materials are disturbed, allowing the virus to become airborne. It can also be spread via rodent bites, or consuming food contaminated with their droppings, urine, or saliva. The initial infection can progress to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, a respiratory illness that is sometimes deadly. There is currently no treatment, cure, or vaccine for Hantavirus infection. Early medical intervention often provides the best chance at recovery.

Rat-Bite Fever. Rat-bite fever, as you may have guessed, is contracted through a bite or scratch from an infected rodent. The bacteria can also be transmitted via contact with a dead rodent or consumption of contaminated food or water. Like many rodent-borne diseases, rat-bite fever can be fatal, but with proper treatment, odds of full recovery are good.

Lyme Disease. Mice play a role in how Lyme disease is spread to humans. Ticks feeding on white-footed mice contract the bacteria and can then go on to transmit it to a human host. Mice are easy prey for young ticks- one mouse can carry dozens of ticks on its body. When mice enter your home, ticks can drop off and roam around, looking for a new host.

There are more than 35 known rodent-borne diseases. In light of this information, isn't it worthwhile to let the pros handle an infestation? When you call Burgess Pest's rodent control experts, you're getting nearly a century of experience with safely removing mice and rats from your home- and keeping them out.

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