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A rodent infestation in your Cape Cod home can be dangerous.

A mouse or rat infestation is a homeowner's worst nightmare. The repairs are costly, the damage is messy, and getting rid of rodents is a complicated process, not to mention a headache. What's more, when a mouse or rat problem gets out of control, potentially deadly diseases can follow.

Mice and rats can spread bacterial illnesses such as salmonella, and viruses like hantavirus. The image below provides an overview of the pathogens carried by rodents, how they are transmitted to humans, and how to protect yourself.

Whether you're looking for help with a current rodent issue, or are simply seeking to prevent one, Burgess Pest has your back. From Pad Protection Plans to Home Sealer & Sanitizer + insulation cleanouts, our rodent experts can help clear your home of the dangers brought on by these furry invaders.

As a bonus, click here to download a copy of our free winter pest guide- because knowledge is power.

What You Should Know About Rodent-Borne Diseases on Cape Cod

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