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If you live in New England, you know that ticks are a very real threat when spending time outdoors. Those tiny terrors do more than just bite - they present serious health risks.  Here are our top 10 tick control tips (what a tongue twister):

  1. Tick Control Tips Massachusetts Rhode IslandCut back the brush. Ticks find their way to your lawn from surrounding vegetation.

  2. Keep the lawn neat. Keeping grass cut and your lawn free of leaf litter and other yard debris reduces tick harborage areas.

  3. Stick to the center of trails. When hiking, steer clear of vegetation lining the trail, where ticks are waiting to hitch a ride on a host.

  4. Wear light colored clothing. Light colors help make it easier to spot ticks.

  5. Keep yourself covered. When possible, wear long sleeves and pants (tucked into socks if you can).

  6. Use repellent. For the most current recommendations, refer to the EPA.

  7. Know how to check yourself for ticks. Areas to inspect include but are not limited to: Hairline, behind ears, under arms, belly button, waistline, back of knees, groin, and between toes,

  8. Check your pets, and consult your veterinarian for prevention recommendations.

  9. Know how to safely remove ticks. Find step-by-step instructions here.

  10. Know what to watch for. After removing the tick, remain vigilant for symptoms such as fever, headache, body aches, fatigue, and red rash or ring near the bite site. 

Okay, we lied – Here’s a bonus tip: Call a professional tick control company. At Burgess Pest, we offer standalone plans starting at just $49/month, or check out our most popular plan, the P10+MT, which provides coverage for the 10 most common household pests plus ticks and mosquitoes. Great news – if you’re already enrolled in a plan with us, upgrading to add tick and mosquito service is as easy as giving us a call.

For even more information about ticks, download our free Tick & Mosquito Season Survival Guide, or sink your teeth into our free 2022 Spring Pest Guidebook.

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