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Labor Day weekend is upon us - for many, that means the unofficial end of summer, and a "last hurrah" cookout before fall sets in. Here's how to keep pests away from your event this holiday weekend.

Cookout Pest Control Tips Massachusetts Rhode IslandNothing can ruin a good cookout like insect invasions, itchy bug bites, or painful bee stings. These tips will help stop rodents, ants, ticks, mosquitoes, and bees from barging in on your barbecue:

Keep things clean. That's not to say you have to spend every minute tidying up, but periodically wiping down contact surfaces, disposing of empty beverages, and clearing used cutlery will reduce food sources that draw in pests.

Keep it under wraps. When possible, keep food and beverages covered and make sure garbage containers and recycling bins are securely sealed.

Reduce or refresh water sources. Empty items that hold standing water such as wheelbarrows, flower pots, tire swings, and buckets - mosquitoes only need a thimble's worth of water to breed. Water in pet dishes, bird baths, and wading pools should be changed regularly.

Steer clear of flowering plants. While the aesthetics may be nice, setting up serving or dining areas near flowering plants can attract the attention of stinging insects. Bees are likely to already be active in these areas - adding the sweet smells of food and drink is a surefire way to increase the risk of bee stings.

Arm yourself with repellent. Keep EPA-approved repellent on hand to help prevent mosquito and tick bites.

Clean up the yard. Let the sun shine in! Clear up leaf litter and other yard debris and keep trees, grass, and shrubbery trimmed - Most pests prefer dark and/or damp areas.


We hope you have a fun, safe, and pest-free holiday weekend! Remember, the Burgess Pest team is here to put a stop to what's bugging you all year long, and an estimate is always free.

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