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Mice are a household pest that many of us associate with winter. Homeowners tend to notice mouse activity ramping up when the weather begins to cool, and mice are seeking food and a place to hunker down to avoid the harsh winter elements. This is relatively common knowledge, so if you’re experiencing mouse activity in your Massachusetts home during the summer, you’re probably wondering why.

Aren’t Mice a Winter Pest?

Why Do I Have Mice in My House in the Summer Massachusetts

It is a misconception that mice are only a problem in the winter, when they are drawn inside by warm air currents flowing from small cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation. While it’s true that mice are perfectly happy outdoors in the warmer months with plenty of food and water sources and no need to escape the cold, our homes are still attractive options for curious, wandering rodents.

Why Am I Seeing Mice in My Home in the Summer?

Mice can enter your home in the summer for some of the same reasons they’ll invade in winter.

Access – old or new. Once mice establish an entry point, they will use it over and over no matter the season. There may also be new cracks or openings caused by harsh winter conditions. Remember, mice only need an opening the size of a dime to squeeze inside.

Escape from heat. Yes, mice come inside in the winter to stay warm, but they will also seek relief from the heat. You may also see increased activity as temperatures rise and mice begin to vacate a hot attic space.

Harborage areas. The presence of overgrowth, leaf litter, yard debris, and wood piles makes your property ideal for nesting. Branches touching your home provide a highway to the indoors.

Food. Access to food sources, such as gardens, fruit trees, compost, pet food, bird seed, or food left unsealed, is an open invitation to hungry mice. They may have what they need outdoors, but they won’t turn down food that’s inside!

Don’t spend your summer battling a mouse infestation – that’s no fun in the sun.

Mice can be incredibly difficult to eliminate, so when it comes to traps, bait, and sealing entry points, it’s best to call a professional. The experts at Burgess Pest are here to help, so you can enjoy this season uninterrupted by mice. Get started today with a free estimate!


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