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Winter doesn't always have pest management on your mind. Homeowners tend to think of spring and summer as prime time for pests-- and they're not wrong. Ants, termites, bees, ticks and mosquitoes, and flies are all most active (and annoying) in warm weather, but nature doesn't quit because it's cold outside.

Winter months bring about their own unique pest challenges, however harrowing or mild the weather decides to be. While you're waiting for the first signs of spring, here are some tips for winter pest control in Concord, Massachusetts- and find more in our free Winter Pest Guide!

Tips for Winter Pest Control in Concord, MA

  1. Seal it up. Store food in airtight containers, year round - this applies to pet food too. Unsealed food or food in production packaging is an open invitation to rodents, overwintering insects, and ants that may have nested inside your home before the cold snap.
  2. Let's talk trash. Indoor and outdoor trash are attractants for pests no matter the weather. Make sure indoor trash cans close securely and empty them regularly to avoid roaches, ants, flies, and other uninvited guests. Make sure outdoor trash bins close completely so you're not providing pests and wildlife al fresco dining, or offering ideal breeding grounds for insects.
  3. Clean it up. While pests aren't picky and will make quick work of a clean home just as well as a dirty one, a clean, organized home is generally less likely to attract pests. Wipe down counters and eating areas and sweep or vacuum on a regular basis. Make sure attics, basements, sheds, crawlspaces, and other storage areas are as organized as possible. Try to keep stored items off the floor.
  4. Block them out. Make sure window screens and doors are uncompromised and close firmly. Seal cracks and crevices around your foundation and utility chases; this can often be done on your own, but if you find you are still experiencing pest activity, it may be time to look for professionally-done home exclusion.
  5. Store it far away. It's recommended to store firewood at least 20 feet from your home. Rodents and insects find the dark and damp ideal, and you don't want them confusing the shelter of a wood pile with the shelter of your home.
  6. Dry it up. Pests need water to survive. Take care of plumbing leaks and eliminate standing water such as dishes left in the sink, pet bowls, and bird baths-- even houseplants and the bottom of your shower are fair game. 

If your battle against winter pests feels like it's uphill both ways, for miles and miles in feet of snow, Burgess Pest is here to Protect Your Pad- whatever the weather.

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