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Have a Mice Summer: Rodent Problems During Warm Months

When you think of summer pest problems, you probably think of mosquitoes, ticks, bees, ants, and

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Rodents & Human Health Hazards

This time of year, close encounters with rodents are common.

While there are methods of ...

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Help Us Help You - DIY Mouse Prevention

Maybe mice have moved in, but it's still your house! Here's how you can back up your pest...

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Don't DIY Rodent Control

In recent years, the do-it-yourself market has exploded in popularity, especially for homeowners.

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Dispelling Some Myths About Mice

Mice in Massachusetts are busy during winter months - are you sure you have the facts?

Winter is...

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Deer Mice vs. House Mice

A Brief Lesson About the Mice that Infest Your Massachusetts Home

Let’s set the scene: It’s just...

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The rise of the rodent population in Massachusetts

Fast rodent gestation period

Each fall when the weather begins to cool down, our call center...

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How to keep mice out of your Massachusetts home

Keeping mice out of your home in Massachusetts

The end of September is a transition to a new...

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